My experience with Reiki Riding:

It was all about fear, which often is when it comes to riding problems. I had been bucked off a bolting horse when I was about 12 and couldn't get back on so I walked the little pony back to the owner and didn't ride a horse again until 2002, many, many years later. Perhaps it was my age, but even doing natural horsemanship courses didn't really nail the problem and remove the fear, although I learned a lot about horses and my own emotions by doing those valuable courses. It was just that there seemed to be a deep core of fear inside me that prevented me from getting the most out of the courses so when Sue Wild came to my paddock with the aim of just being there while I rode my horse, the same fear came up and I was reluctant to get on.

Sue had me sit in the saddle and as the natural horsemanship trainers advise, do nothing, just sit there. Sue then asked me to breathe in a certain way and she performed whatever other magic Sue uses, and I didn't think about it while I was doing it, but I just began to ride my horse at a walk, then when I was more confident, a trot. Suddenly I was aware of wanting to do more and more and I didn't have the same feeling of 'okay I've done it now, when can I get off?' Over the next three weeks or so I felt something change. I felt for the first time since I was young, before the fall, that I could really do this and so my enthusiasm grew and still grows and has not left me.

Leone Britt
Sussex Inlet NSW