The word Reiki comes from 'Rei' meaning universe and 'Ki' meaning life energy. Reiki energy is electromagnetic and is conducted through our meridians which are energy tracks running through the nerves in our bodies, like sound waves through the universe. It is these energy tracks and the nervous system which register the pain response in our brains. If a human or animal is sore or wounded, the first instinct is to put your hands on them offering comfort and warmth. The living body radiates warmth and energy, this energy is in itself a life force.

Reiki has a calming effect on horses as the ones that I have treated have been more relaxed calm and settled. This then allows me to perform an acupressure treatment with some remarkable results. Reiki is also a therapy that I offer for the nervous adult rider.Riding for the first time after time away can be very nerve racking and I have found that my Reiki techniques are helping many people overcome this fear and get back up in the saddle and enjoy this past time, the way they used too. Once I teach you this method, it will stay with you for as long as it is needed This is when you will want to employ the help of a  coach, without being nervous or having that anxious feeling in the pit of your tummy that keeps you from sleeping the night before your lesson leading you to cancel you lesson the next day  - been there, know how it feels. You will need someone who is very patient and understanding and that suits you and your needs. I can recommend someone very special, my coach.

Natural horsemanship and Reiki are - about the placement of positive energy between you and your horse. Meaning your attitude and position both on the ground and whilst riding plays a big part in respect for yourself and your horse. Your energy can change the whole horse rider relationship. Horses looks to you for leadership and love, trust will come from these. Domination of your horse does not mean being cruel.  This is something that a lot of people just don’t get. A few years back, I had a so called expert try to teach me how to float load. After about an hour of getting nowhere, my poor gelding was terrified, I was in tears and getting more upset as time went on, my boy was pleading with his eyes to make this man stop. Finally in the end I had had enough, I just thanked the fellow politely and showed him the gate. That wasn’t going to happen again. I learnt the Wayne Caslick technique of floating. My gelding now loads onto the float – all I have to do is ask – no pressure, no arguments, no tricks, just walks straight on. Wayne’s web link can be found on my home page.